The Perpetual Happiness Manifesto

An inspiring book that teaches the reader how to create a life you love. Bruce Ellemo, a father of two and former three-time All-Canadian soccer player, holds a degree in economics from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

You know how it feels when you feel great, you can take on the world! Why wouldn’t you want to feel this way all the time? And you can; it’s waiting for you; it’s like winning the lottery. Our brains have the amazing ability to create new thinking based on what we dwell on, how we feel, and how we act. Neural pathways, comprised of neurons connected by dendrites, are created in the brain based on our habits and behaviors. The number of dendrites increases with the frequency behavior is performed. Picture these neural pathways as deep grooves or roads in our brain between brain cells. As messages travel these roads over and over again, they travel faster and faster, resulting in behaviors becoming automatic. What happens is your perceptions, viewpoints, emotions, feelings, and actions become fixated in your brain so long, you believe them. This is changeable. You are as much the self-definitions of yourself today as you are the ones from your past and both self-definitions are only imaginings wandering their way through your mind. The good news is that you can control these, even change them. You can influence, change, and persuade your automated, deep-seated, entrenched thoughts to rewire your brain. There are ways to do it, and these require conscious effort and commitment on your end; adherence to a better future. Happiness is one of the highest forms of success, and it turns out that it can be taught and learned. Just as one learns piano, a language, or a new skill of any kind. People’s environments, daily habits, levels of wealth, self-talk, upbringing, and current relationship(s) reveal their happiness levels. These variables dictate the amount and the meaning of happiness for each of us. The goal of this book is to clear the subconscious mind of negativity and make sure it is no longer overwhelmed with useless, detrimental beliefs and perceptions that lurk around every corner and behind every conversation. As I mentioned in the Introduction, perceptions create our thoughts, our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our emotions, and our emotions direct our actions. This is the human experience; use it to your advantage because it is so essential in the process of feeling great all of the time. Once we begin to feel great inside, we can enter into the orbit of Perpetual Happiness where we belong.

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